Henk Knaupe

Founding Partner

“For us, communication means building bridges that reach partners, clients, and consumers in a targeted manner – bridges that stand firm and are resilient. They are the foundation of ongoing dialogue and long-term relationships.”

Carina Grendel

Managing Director

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.”

Ilja Grendel

Managing Director

“Marketing not only reflects the visible but also offers the great opportunity to show the invisible so that it can be experienced!”

Nicola Sievers-Ringe

Art Director

“What motivates me every day: having satisfied customers through excellent work.”

Nina Dabelstein

Junior Human Resources Manager

Die Grundlage nachhaltigen Erfolgs sind zufriedene Mitarbeitende.

Linda Welzel

Senior Project Manager

“My quote will have to wait – deadlines have just been moved up, which naturally can’t be at the expense of quality or the budget. So I will be working my magic until EOB...”

Charlotte Mahns

Account Project & PR Manager

Regina Jesse

Senior PR Manager & Teamlead

“Communicating is about more than just talking. It involves listening, understanding, and stirring emotion. This is how we can succeed in writing brand stories that inspire people and media on a lasting basis.”

Bianca Bäuerle

Senior Art Director

“Good design starts with well-thought-out content, attention to detail, and the determination to exclude the unimportant.”

Amelie Nipken-Sturm


“Make PR simple – but significant! Together with our client partners and brands, we develop not only stories but also significant messages – and help drive them forward.”

Regina Dittrich

Senior PR Managerin

“Only those who put thought into what might lie around the corner can communicate in a straightforward manner.”

Yenni Strippelmann

Senior Strategic Consultant

“We believe that it is crucial to understand that thinking is a resource. It is what makes the key difference between success and failure.”

Nele Kernbach


“With a great deal of attention to detail in dealing with clients and a wide variety of tasks, I’m having an exciting time at Brand Pier!”

Marcel Marake

Senior E-Commerce Manager

Stefanie Höfer

Junior Project Manager

“I’ve traded the bratwursts of Bavaria for the local delicacy of fish sandwiches. With roots in southern Germany’s Franconia region, I’ve now landed in the northern part of the country, bringing with me a great deal of motivation to support new and exciting projects.”

Vadym Duvanov

Office Management

“Quality means the clients keep coming back – and not the goods.”

Paulina Herzberg

Cooperative study student

“As a cooperative study student, I am getting many fascinating insights into PR work. I can contribute my own ideas and try things out.”

Mila Nitzel


Francisco Sampaio


Johanna Fischbacher

PR & Social Media Manager

Sarah Lepinat-Pröve

Account Manager

Lisa-Marie Latsch

Junior PR & Social Media Manager

Saskia Junge

Junior PR & Social Media Manager

Christoph Böhling

Senior PR Manager

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